How to find the weight (g) for your desired chain:
  1. Find the grams per inch value for the specific millimeter (mm) chain you're interested in from the weight chart.
  2. Multiply the grams per inch value by the length (inches) of your desired chain. (Grams Per Inch) x (Length of Your Desired Chain)
  3. The result will be the approximate gram weight of your gold chain.

Example: You want to find the total gram weight of a 10KT, 6mm, 24 inch chain.

Based on the 10KT weight chart:

  1. 6 mm = 2.35 grams per inch 
  2. 2.35 grams per inch 24 inches (the desired length of the chain)
  3. Result is an approximate of 56.4 grams (2.35 x 24 = 56.4)

*Please note that the weight chart provided is an approximation due to the handmade nature of our gold chains, and slight variations may occur.*